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The Rhythm Method

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Carl Craig, Todd Terje, Erol Alkan... It's a goddamn remix frenzy from some of the finest electro producers out there. Go Jonny B Go!

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Fallen Angels & Lucky Devils

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Deep as you like, we've got Nautilius giving us the lowdown this week. It's nice. Very nice. Laura says it's as good as Chakalaka.

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Soul Stirring

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People, say hello to Will and Stiff. Hailing from Moomu Records, they've brought rare groove and lashings of soul to the party. All hail.

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Funk Mix 2

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**You may have got a trimmed down version of this already - we had server trouble. Come get the full length version here and now**
Holy Cow whatcha doin now! Mr Double Down introduces himself with a double dose of funk. Another member of the Better Days crew, you can catch him playing last Saturday of every month at Brown Sugar.

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Hot Dang!

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Technical troubles have thwarted my efforts since Christmas, but the Mac is Back so in celebration I've laid down some of the tracks that made me want to build this site in the first place. In an unprecedented gesture of goodwill, I've also uploaded the Frankie Valli edit so that you too can listen to it on your bike and nearly fall off in sheer sickening bliss. Good times are here again people.

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Soul Stirring 2

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More sweet soul music from the Moomu Records posse this week, picking up from where they left off last month, and taking us on a spiritual trip from which we may never return. Lord have mercy.

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Model 1620LE

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Kit Lebone steps into the arena on a "balearic-slo-mo-disco-cosmic-spacerock tip". Far out sounds from some underground names that are gonna have you doing some background internet research for sure. It's a winner - feel the welcoming Dang embrace.

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Dr No's Rare-Groove Revenge

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Dr No has taken the 'competitive brother' angle and applied it to crate digging for this weeks installment - for more real soul music head down to the next Better Days @ Brown Sugar, 31st March.
We're getting hammered by downloads and storage space at the minute, so the sad day is dawning when older archive mixes are gonna have to come down - watch this space for a Hosting Fundraiser in May.

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Funk Mix 3

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Mr Double Down comes through with the third in his Funk series - check out Better Days for future Funk And Soul nights in and around London.

This Mix Was Recorded From Original 45s Hence The Grainy Sound In Places

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Watch out for the big girl!

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Ah yeah, Mr Jonny back on the ones and twos, delivering what we've come to expect - a full spectrum of fine, fine tunes. Another shout out for the party - 18th May - get your name on the list and bring the masses.

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April Rendered

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So, it's a short sharp one this week from yours truly - all about the riddim really, except when it drops like a mother sucker for Claude VonStroke. Holy moley. Were gonna carry on harking on about this party, so spread the word and get your peoples' names on the list and we'll shut up.

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Electric Eclectic

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People say hello to The Black Neon, bringing his own brand of leftfield eclecticism to the proceedings. Highly highly enjoyable - drop in and check out some of his own penned number over here. Welcome to the gang.

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Playing with my emotions

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So, as the big day approaches Dr No gives us some big soul sounds to count us down - I'm personally still gobsmacked by the Dierdre Wilson tune. Rally the troops for one last push towards the Brixton summit - Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

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Wes' Coas' Hip Hop

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Nice one to all who came down for the Friday shindig - fine fine times indeed. We made enough cash to keep this sucker running for another 6 months, so expect another party about then. In the meantime, here's newcomer Sareeta Domingo with some fine west coast sounds - welcome to our world Sareeta.

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A Journey Into Sound

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It's a special one this week - like some sort of foreign exchange programme, we have Matt Cooper from the Internet Music Programme on guest spot, possibly wearing one of those fluorescent italian rucksacks. In return, I've helped shape the Jess and Anna mix currently up on theirs. It's a double whammy that should make up for last weeks silence.

"Just like all of the other episodes of Internet Music Programme there is a theme, and the theme for this mix is: remix. All of the songs are remixes, that's either quite fitting for a guest episode, or very tenuous."

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Funk Mix 4

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Back to the Funk with Mr Double Down completing his Trilogy (plus one) - mmmmmmMama

"This Funk And Soul Mix Was Recorded And Ripped From My 45s Collection Hence The Raw Sound In Places
Hope You Enjoy It And Feel Free To Leave Comments / Requests
Check out for more mixes and info on our upcoming soul, funk and disco nights in and around London."

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No Name Camel Cast 2

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More reggae grooves from the MoomuSound crew - mmmmtasty.

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Glad Eye

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Bosh! In there with the ADDJs. It's been a long time coming, for Dang! and the ADDJs, but it's worth the wait. I'm sworn to secrecy on the hidden Mika tune, but there's several gems beside that one, mark my words. yak yak yak.

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Our House

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Well hello. This week it's me. It's a cheeky one, firstly cos there are some shoddy half-baked mixes in there and secondly cos there's a bunch of tracks I may get in trouble for posting - for the love of god, if you're into the Hatchback/Prins Thomas track as much as I am go and buy it when it's released. Oh, and it's a flatwarming downbeat mix. Upbeat mix to come.

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Blended Matter

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It's Mr Jonny. Say no more.

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Show & Tell Mix

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Mr Double Down shows us what he's been digging up recently. Then tells us about it. Through music. Like this:

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Still Our House

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Yep, the shelves are up and the sink unblocked - time to rock out to some squelchy electro sounds. For more in the same vein check out this Hard Fi remix that didn't quite make the cut - pretty massive on dancefloors right now.

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No Name Camel Cast 3

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Further Dubbism for your listening pleasure from the Moomu Records gang. Head over to their site to hear their new single 'Accident Causer' - good god it's a goodun.

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Make Party

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In his own words: "Its the other, heavier 'Deficit' - perhaps darker wing to the Attention Deficit DJ's that brings you this months mixicle"

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Modern Dance Music Part 1

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Wil says:
"It's a double whammy this week - Matt from the Internet Music Programme begifts us with a slice from his cake, while I return the favour with a slice for him - head over there for this and more. Electro continues to be the sound of the 'summer', unless one of the crate diggers wants to pipe up and prove us wrong. Hm?"

Matt says:
I hope you like dance music, because that's what you're going to get. Something old (Kraftwerk), something new(Stronger remix), something borrowed (Suburban Knights), nothing blue. Credit to Pookie Wonder for alerting me to the Hard Fi track. And as usual the chopped up remix of a Kanye rip-off sounds 10x better. Turn it up. Then go to and listen to some other podcasts, they're grreeeat.

Should be everything, give me a shout if you need anything else

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Organ Owner

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With a tear in the eye, we say goodbye to Mike as he sets off on a global trot. His parting gift is a short burst of genius - a medley of organ-donor sounds which comes out sounding really, really fucking good. Take care dude.

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Dan Gradio

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So it's a big weekend coming up:

- Twix Triplepack on Friday at 19:20 Clerkenwell

- Fat Badger party on Saturday in Notting Hill.

Can you dig it?

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Soulful Reggae Mix

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Here's some sweet sweet reggae music from Dr No to brighten your days.

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Over and Out

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So, the time has come. You may have noticed things slowing down recently - I'm leaving the country, quit the job and sold the camel. It's been nearly two year of fine tunes, and a whole lot of big-ups are owed to the Dang DJs for consistently excellent mixes. It's been a real pleasure playing this stuff out - we may well be back in some form or another, but in the meantime here's a bootilicious last gasp to tie you all over.

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Marathon Man

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Not the re-boot we promised, but I'm back and considering getting this thing going again - DJs, I'll be giving the shout out soon enough. In the meantime, here's a mix I did for my man Denver who's running the london marathon and needed motivational tunes. Sponsor him here and watch this space for Dang Redux!

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Pookie's Wonder

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New server, new site, and a new start. To celebrate, here's a 3-hour compendium of upbeat tracks from previous mixes, again aimed to motivate the marathon runners. DJs, we're off again - send em in, though we're looking to post on a monthly basis now.

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Electronic Soul

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"Electronic soul stuff. Listen and then go directly to Internet Music Programme and listen to some other quality podcastings." So says our man Matt.

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Natural Selection

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Yes yes y'all, you know Dang! is back when a Mr Jonny mix comes through your digital letterbox.

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Tune in to the sounds of our newest member, Trol23, who brings us a spectrum of British and US beats. Welcome to the fold.

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I Can See Clearly Now

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Yes, the sun's cracking through and the clouds are breaking - things are starting to come together. Here's one for the garden.

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Just Add People

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Yes, we've been slack and yes we could do better, but summer's here and there's other things on our mind.

To make up for it here's Mr Jonny with one that's "definitely for the weekend".

Wanna catch up live and direct - head to The Fad on 1st August at the Macbeth on Hoxton Street, 8pm till late.

52:32 minutes (72.15 MB)

Taking Care of Business

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Electro sounds to soothe the non-summer blues.

64:19 minutes (88.33 MB)

80's and Electric

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Our main man from the Internet Music Programme stumps up a fine electronically-driven selection, upping the stakes and making me reckon I should get off my ass and get digging.

78:43 minutes (90.09 MB)

The Big Smoke

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Just stick it on and don't worry about it.

85:44 minutes (117.75 MB)


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It's Mike and he's back with the beats, sounding sweeter than ever and namechecking all the right people.

On another note, Mr Jonny has started a regular night at The Redchurch Bar on Brick Lane starting this Friday with Pookie Wonder. Come one come all.

46:20 minutes (103.38 MB)

Satellite Radio

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Is there anybody out there on the Satellite Radio? Here's hoping, cos this one's fitter, happier and more productive.

62:20 minutes (85.61 MB)

It's a Stick Up! (Funk From The Trunk Volume 5)

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Hm. There's a danger this mix is going to make us all look bad. A slick and comprehensive journey through funk, hip-hop and breaks via turntablism from new man Ewan Hoozami. Give it up.

66:32 minutes (91.38 MB)

Fajita Funk Volume 6 - Elsprucho

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Newcomers are always welcome on the Dang! wagon, especially when they bring with them some of the tastiest beats around. Say hello to Fajita Funk (

67:57 minutes (155.52 MB)

Modern Dance Music Part 2

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In his own words:
Since the end of the Internet Music Programme (RIP IMP) this mix came into being. Like Part 1 of this series it's a healthy slice of the best dance music of the day. Starting in nu-disco and gradually getting heavier and more technoier, until the Black Hammer track which is the sonic equivalent of bare knuckle boxing.

Aeroplane, Sirisumo, Prins Thomas, Digitalism, Metro Area and the Junior Boys. Plus the new one from Simian Mobile Disco which is at least as big as Hustler, and is probably destined to be the Heater of summer 2009.

63:53 minutes (73.11 MB)


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Another newcomer to the show, DotMega flexes his Ableton muscles on a foray into, well, everything. Welcome to the Show.

68:29 minutes (78.37 MB)

The Harlem Project

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The return of Mr Jonny, with more of the consistent quality we've come to expect. If you're heading to V Festival, check him and the ADDJs out - they'll be there somewhere.

75:38 minutes (103.87 MB)


Pookie Wonder's picture

As time ticks on, I'm listening to slower, sweeping songs. Some of these have been kicking around for a while but I keep coming back to them. One for the Big Chill tent.

76:58 minutes (105.7 MB)

Got Skills? (An All 45rpm Excursion)

Mr Double Down's picture

Mr Double Down from The Hook and Sling delivers a solid dose of funk & soul direct from the platters that matter, and all straight 45s. A truly welcome treat for Dang regulars. To get down to some of this sweet soul music check the event page on their website.

92:09 minutes (84.38 MB)

Nuts and Bolts

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A little bit of everything for everyone in this badboy from Dotmega - you couldn't hope for a more diverse slice through all that's right.

68:20 minutes (78.2 MB)

Modern Dance Music Part 3

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The return of the Internet Music Programme with a tracklist that makes me think I'm falling out of touch. And each one a belter too - we've all got some digging to do after this one.

57:26 minutes (65.73 MB)


Pookie Wonder's picture

A quick mix for an engagement party that may or may not be of interest in these festive times

62:43 minutes (86.13 MB)

First Things

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From Matt:

"Designed to be played when you're the first one up in the morning. whether your on a train traveling somewhere, or sitting in your studio (and i know it's only designers who listen to this podcast) and you need some calming soundscape music.

Good for crisp cold winter mornings with your headphones on."

69:10 minutes (79.17 MB)

Jam Hot

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After a bit of an absence for everyone, Mike steps up to the plate and delivers another tasty selection of beats, rhymes and life. Hope you're all still listening, cos we're still digging.

46:06 minutes (90.77 MB)

Modern Dance Music Part 4

Matt Cooper's picture

In his words: "If Dang is still broadcasting then i'm still diggin'. Maybe the name is a bit boring but the music certain ain't. Fresh mp3s from the blogosphere to keep your heads nodding."

63:08 minutes (72.27 MB)


Pookie Wonder's picture

This is a bit scrappy so bear with me - it's got bits I've been sitting on for a while, ideas I'm picking up on my travels and an education for the locals in recent dance music, which is massive out here.

70:58 minutes (97.48 MB)

Modern Dance Music Part 5

Matt Cooper's picture

Matt says: Hello Dang listeners, time for some more modern dance music, a bit of Africanism with The Very Best, a bit of Post Fidget with Crookers and a few of France's finest. For the techno-heads out there we've also got a bit of an oddity from Charanjit Singh, you may already have heard about this but if you haven't you should look him up, it turns out a dude in India invented Acid House about 5 years before everyone thinks it emerged in America and the UK. Check it out.

63:46 minutes (72.98 MB)

Home at Cwm Mwynant

Pookie Wonder's picture

2 weeks downtime at Home with the folks brought this downbeat mix on, with some new and old stuff in there. The final track is the theme for our wedding thing.

52:11 minutes (71.67 MB)

Four in the back

Mr Jonny's picture

Hello, yes we're still here and yes there's gonna be a couple more on the way. Mr Jonny's gone all disco to kick things off, "still adopting the one take method, none of this Ableton malarky". Let's hear it for the handclap.

65:10 minutes (89.5 MB)

Modern Dance Music Part 6

Matt Cooper's picture

Matt Cooper of Internet Music Programme fame is wisely using his freelance time to dig up and serve fine fresh tunes. Behold.

56:16 minutes (64.51 MB)

Mr Double Down presents Movers & Shakers

Mr Double Down's picture

Mr Double Down returns with some choice rare grooves, all 45rpm mix of 50s and 60s R&B. Perfect summer fodder - get more on their blog here:

49:04 minutes (44.93 MB)


Pookie Wonder's picture

My boy was born. He's the best, here's his mix.

62:55 minutes (86.44 MB)

There's a Riot Goin' On

Dabs's picture

Dabs joins us with a riotous mix of digital an bleepy goodness. Welcome to the gang

32:37 minutes (44.79 MB)

Totem Soul Mix

Mr Jonny's picture

The return of Mr Jonny with more of that Electro Funk Disco that he's been peddling round Shoreditch. Deep.

55:32 minutes (76.27 MB)

Summer Breeze

Dabs's picture

Part one of a double whammy comes from Dabs, bringing tunes to bring the sun 

44:50 minutes (61.56 MB)


Pookie Wonder's picture

Part two of this bank holiday bonanza is from yours truly, throwing down some garden-party tunes I've been sitting on for a while. Yes we're still here and yes we're still digging, just a bit slower than the kids.

36:53 minutes (50.66 MB)

Modern Dance Music 8 (Part 2)

Matt Cooper's picture

In Matt's very own words...

Another mix from the neverending Modern Dance Music series, i've decided that number 8 is a significant milestone and so this one's a two-hour two-parter. Part 1 is over on and Part 2 is here on the Dang Radio. So check out both halves on each show, just the way God intended.

Part 2 is a bit of a chameleon with some more mellow stuff up front, and a party in the back. Recent tunes from Grimes, LV and Actress and then some heavy duty stompers from Caspa, Diplo and A-Trak.

If you like this you'll dig Part 1, with tunes from Mux Mool, Scuba, Canblaster and Machinedrum - go get it.

49:56 minutes (68.64 MB)