Jam Hot

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After a bit of an absence for everyone, Mike steps up to the plate and delivers another tasty selection of beats, rhymes and life. Hope you're all still listening, cos we're still digging.

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It's Mike and he's back with the beats, sounding sweeter than ever and namechecking all the right people.

On another note, Mr Jonny has started a regular night at The Redchurch Bar on Brick Lane starting this Friday with Pookie Wonder. Come one come all.

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Organ Owner

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With a tear in the eye, we say goodbye to Mike as he sets off on a global trot. His parting gift is a short burst of genius - a medley of organ-donor sounds which comes out sounding really, really fucking good. Take care dude.

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Make Party

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In his own words: "Its the other, heavier 'Deficit' - perhaps darker wing to the Attention Deficit DJ's that brings you this months mixicle"

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Glad Eye

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Bosh! In there with the ADDJs. It's been a long time coming, for Dang! and the ADDJs, but it's worth the wait. I'm sworn to secrecy on the hidden Mika tune, but there's several gems beside that one, mark my words. yak yak yak.

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Not On Time and Not On Budget

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Michael of ADDJs fame makes good his promise and delivers some musical sunshine for these dark, dark days. Catch him and other Dang! DJs play at Dobbo's birthday shindig this Friday at Jam

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More Fire

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Back up, we've got the ADDJ's on the platter that matter. This is concentrated goodness right here - word has it they're also converts to the dark art of digital mixing.

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This week, we're visited by the ADDJs, who deliver a storming hip-hop extravaganza. Check them out every 2nd Friday at Cool Club, off Bond St. Yes yes y'all.

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