It's a Stick Up! (Funk From The Trunk Volume 5)

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Hm. There's a danger this mix is going to make us all look bad. A slick and comprehensive journey through funk, hip-hop and breaks via turntablism from new man Ewan Hoozami. Give it up.

Level - Ewan Hoozami (Unreleased)
Brown Paper Bag - Me & You (Tru Thoughts)
7 Nation Army - Nostalgia 77 (Tru Thoughts)
Long Time Instrumental - Mr Benn (Square Sound)
The Tide is High - The Beatstalkers (Form)
Mercedez Benz - DJ Czech Remix (Hai Karate)
Witness (One Hope) - Jesterman's Bionic Barkay Rub (Edit Crunch)
Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang (Mercury)
Chiguaga - Matenlo (Resense)
Intergalactic Instrumental - Beastie Boys (Capitol)
Bare Neccessities - Jungle Book (Disney)
3 Feet Deep Instrumental - DJ Format (Genuine)
Intergalactic Accapella - Beastie Boys (Capitol)
Sing a Simple Song - Please (Ultimate Beats and Breaks)
One Thing Instrumental - Amerie (Night Flight)
Music Takes Me Up - Alice Russell & Mr Scruff (Ninja Tunes)
The Hornet - DJ Para (Breakin Bread)
There ain't no good chaingang - Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash (CBS)
Suratal Ikhlas (Fulgeance Remix) - Dougie Cern (Heavenly Sweetness)
You Got What You Wanted - Colour Climax (Breakin Bread)
Pepsi - The Mohawks (Sir JJ)
Spiders Interlude
Organ Donor - Lefties Soul Connection (MPM)
Soul Power (Lack of Afro Remix) - Kokolo (Record Kicks)
Throw Your Hands in The Air - DJ Leader 1 & MC Duke (Music of Life)
Mr Music - Mcfadden & Whitehead (Philadelphia Iternational)
Captured Live - Dublex (Scribble)
Cool Hot Grits - Da Wiesel (Sunset Soul)
A Fifth of Cool J - Bombs (Bombs US)
Kick Kick - Andy H (First Word)
What It Is - Cool Kids (XL)
Word Up - Cameo (Casablanca)
Star Wars Funk - Meco (Millenium)
Funk In The Air - Badboe (Good Groove)
Respect (Mooqee and Russ Cuban re-edit) - KW Griff (Bomb Strikes)
Heard It Through The Grapevine - The Beatstalkers (Form)
Keep On Runnin - Tom Jones (Columbia)
Jesus Christ Superstar - John Keating (Columbia)
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds - Rappers Galore (Jive)
Message to ODB - Mr Blennd (Rhythm n Booze)
A Dream Within a Dream - The Alan Parsons Project (Mercury)

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