Jonny B

Vintage Dread

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In the words of Jonny B himself "Yeah blud, Got you some jahlove roots & dub firecrackers inna dis one".

37:14 minutes (51.13 MB)

The Rhythm Method

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Carl Craig, Todd Terje, Erol Alkan... It's a goddamn remix frenzy from some of the finest electro producers out there. Go Jonny B Go!

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Jonny Bs Xmas Disco Mix

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Like some kind of Supafly Santa, Jonny B comes bearing disco biscuits - and real tasty they are too... Tis the season to get down.
Apparently this site has been sending some people the mixes twice - is this true? Any other bugs or issues? Pipe up cos we'll never know otherwise - drop us a message in 'Comments' will you...

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Jonny B defeats the space invaders

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After a few days delay it's a double-header from the Lucky Devil crew, with Jonny B stepping back up with a sterling mix. Some real obscure gems in there, but hang with Mr B for the ride cos it's well worth it.

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Electro Disco Train

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Praise be to Jonny B for supplying this weeks mix. A slow builder of electro-disco biscuits, the man has delivered the perfect antidote for such a crappy Friday. Altogether now - "I am the disco train..."

[audio-player] 46:20 minutes (84.85 MB)